Artistry in Nigeria; Who’d you rather listen to in 2022?

Currently, Nigeria music scene is thriving with the advent of fresh, new vibes who’re pushing great contents out to the listening audience at full force.

Artistry in Nigeria; Who'd you rather listen to in 2022?
Fresh buzzes in Nigerian Music scene

While everyone is vibing differently to this tunes, it’s also necessary to know if we’d want to listen to this same people in the next couple of years. In this post, we’ll be talking about Indigenous hip hop artiste, and Headies Rookie of the Year nominee, Junior Boy, and Mavin’s Next Rated Award star, Rema. Who do you think will be around to still give us jams by 2022?

25 years old Ephraim Bababo, popularly known as Junior Boy is a former footballer turn artiste that was born in Ebute Meta, Lagos state, but moved to Agege at a tender age to live with his grandmother after the separation of his parents. After releasing a single, Money, Junior Boy decided to drop another single, Irapada which shot him to stardom, earning a remix from Veteran artiste, 9ice. The release of this single saw him receiving nominations for different awards, including the prestigious Headies award for Rookie of The Year. He is also currently signed to Obimzy Records, and has released a couple of other singles including Anita Baker, Pray for me, Money which he featured Naira Marley on, and a EP, Sin no More that’s scheduled for release later this year.

Artistry in Nigeria; Who'd you rather listen to in 2022?
Album cover for Junior Boy’s future EP, Sin No More

Meanwhile, 19 years old Divine Ikubor, “Rema”, shot to stardom after being signed to Jonzing Records, a subsidiary of Mavin’s record, and releasing a single, Ironman that appeared on Barack Obama’s 2019 Summer Playlist. Born and brought up in Benin city, Edo state, Rema has been able to successfully thrive here at home, and outside the shores of Nigeria.

While both artistes have done pretty well for themselves, the music industry, alas, is a place where no one stays around forever. Even Beyoncé couldn’t 🙃. While Junior Boy picked up the Indigenous music style of Veteran Indigenous Artiste, 9ice, and adding a touch of modernization to his own style, Rema’s music is based largely on the vibe of western music, most notably US Trap. He is able to infuse a touch of his own afro vibe into it, like in his EPs Bad Commando and Rema EP, and being able to experiment with other genre of music like in his latest single with Rvssian, Beamer.

Trap Music is the current trend in popular culture right now, with young acts like 6ix9ine, Roddy Rich, late Juice Wrld, and late XXXTENTACION having been able to create a niche for every other young trap artiste to excel with release of songs with smoky, emotional vibes. Rema has been able to take this foreign style, bring it back home, and rebrand himself in that category, releasing bangers regularly. All this is possible thanks to good management and a great publicity team. All this, lacking in Junior Boy’s current musical career. Even though Junior Boy has been able to become a household name, he hasn’t really been able to penetrate into mainstream media due to lack of good publicity, which is inevitably a result of poor management, considering the fact that he isn’t short on talent. If Junior boy is able to get better publicity, along with a more proficient sound mixer like Sheyman, he could be as good as Starboy, or even more!
Rema’s genre of music, Trap, is one that wears of quite early in listeners ear due to a flooding of that category with new acts everyday, requiring consistency and experimenting with different other type of sounds, all evident in Rema’s strategy. After a while, even consistency might not help with the career of a Trap artiste, unlike in Indigenous music whereby there’s always a listener at any time of the day. If Junior boy is able to get better management like we said earlier, he could still be in our television and radio in years time, unlike Rema who’d most probably become a music businessman thereafter, due to decline in his listening audience. Indigenous music tends to last longer than Trap music, which is a form of experimental music that would wear off on listening ears after a while.

Artistry in Nigeria; Who'd you rather listen to in 2022?
Junior Boy and Rema

Any which way, this one na my own grammar wey I don scatter so. Who do you think would still be around by 2023? Don’t forget to subscribe to all our social media platforms, comment on various posts on this platforms, and join our WhatsApp TV channel that provides you with timely updates on our blog and other services😜 by clicking the link below.