Hurray🎉’s new Podcast😊

So, I’m sure some of you guys are just hearing the term Podcast in reality. Not something you read about on a site, but one that’s actually in your presence, that you could actually listen to, all thanks to Sugarvibes😊.

A Podcast is simply an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user could download at any period in time for easy listening. That’s what Wikipedia said, atleast. lol.

Hurray🎉's new Podcast😊
Cover Image for’s new everything life Podcast

It’s basically just like a discussion between me and you, the reader if we were actually friends. It often times features one or more recurring hosts engaged in a conversation.

In a Podcast, the consumer may become producers, and producers, consumers also. There’s always a discussion happening.

In this light, Sugarvibes is pleased to announce the starting of our new Podcast, everything life🎉. This Podcast will cover contents from every genre, in different fields of life. Basically, every and anyone could be a guest on everything life.

Information considering the timetable of our everything life Podcast will be passed along very soon, so kindly bookmark our blog and check back occasionally to know when the Podcast will be commencing, who would be coming to the first episode, and when.

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