Top 10 Countries ranking in the world

Top 10 Countries ranking in the world

The 2020 Best Countries Rankings has ranked Switzerland as the world’s most habitable country. Canada is 2nd on the list among 73 reviewed countries.

Japan, Germany and Australia were ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. In the top 10 world’s most habitable countries, the United Kingdom and the United States are 6th and 7th on the ranking.

Netherlands and Norway are at the extreme end of the first 10 rankings. Below is the full list of the countries and their positions:

1 Switzerland

2 Canada

3 Japan

4 Germany

5 Australia

Top 10 Countries ranking in the world

6 United Kingdom

7 United States

8 Sweden

9 Netherlands

10 Norway

Top 10 Countries ranking in the world

It should be noted that in the ranking, the countries were grouped with subcategories like Citizenship, Adventure, Entrepreneurship, Movers, Heritage, Cultural Influence, Open for Business, Quality of life and Power.

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