Russian vaccine clinical trial complete

Russian vaccine clinical trial complete

Russia has successfully completed its volunteer clinical tests of one of the Covid-19 vaccine prototypes.

Alexander Lukashev, the director of the Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Diseases of the First Moscow State Medical University Sechenov stated that “at this stage the safety of the vaccine was demonstrated”, which corresponds to the level of safety “of vaccines that are currently in the market”.

According to Lukashev, the tests were conducted to know the effects of the vaccine created by the Gamaleya Institute for Research on Epidemiology and Microbiology.

A total number of 38 volunteers participated in this research. Some initially had reactions during the first couple of hours after the injection such as a slight increase in temperature and headaches, among others, that disappeared, during the day on its own, the university said.

The first group of volunteers who tested the vaccine will be discharged on July 15th, while the second on 20th. Specialists will continue to monitor their immune response to this vaccine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, at least 17 of the 47 prototypes of the vaccine against the new coronavirus developed in this nation already reported serious progress, while three carried out clinical tests with volunteers.

Russia, which occupies the fourth position in the world in number of cases, with 720 thousand 547 infected, already has at least three of its own medicines to combat the viral infection.

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