Hushpuppi denied bail. Judge says he could commit more crimes

Hushpuppi denied bail. Judge says he could commit more crimes

Nigerian internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas aka Ray Hushpuppi has been denied bail by a judge in Chicago during his first court date.

According to the prosecution, Hushpuppi poses a flight risk and is dangerous because he could commit more crimes if he’s released by just having a smartphone and an internet connection. The judge agreed with the prosecution and denied him bail.

His lawyer, attorney Gal Pissetzky argued that Hushpuppi is a celebrity and has too much to lose by going on the run therefore he did not pose a flight risk. They also offered for him to be fitted with an electronic tag and for him to live with the uncle of his baby mama.

“He is loved and respected. He is a celebrity. I don’t see the reason why he would want to ruin his credibility in the world and his status rather than stay here and face this allegation,” Pissetzky said.

“Anywhere he goes, people will know.”

The judge however declined, siding with the prosecution and denying Hushpuppi bail.

Hushpuppi is accused of defrauding close to 2 million people of over $400m through numerous internet fraud schemes.

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