Worst plane crashes in Nigeria (2000-2020)

In the last 2 decades, Nigeria has recorded a number of plane crashes within its federation. A plane crash is a truly horrific accident, because it seldomly leaves a survivor. The crashes usually occur due to a number of factors such as; poor maintenance of the plane or poor weather which is the most common cause of plane crashes. Below is a list of devastating plane crashes that have taken the lives of hundreds of civilians.

Mk Airlines Boeing 747-246F plane crash

Port Hacourt, Nigeria

27th November,2001

Worst plane crashes in Nigeria (2000-2020)

While on a cargo flight from Luxembourg to Port Harcourt, this aircraft crashed approximately 700 meters short of runway while attempting to land at Port Harcourt’s Omagwa Airport. A crewmember was fatally injured in the crash and no death was recorded.

EAS airlines BAC One Eleven 525FT plane crash

Kano, Nigeria

4th May, 2002

EAS airline’s BAC One Eleven aircraft departed runway 05 at Kano’s Aminu Kano International Airport for a passenger flight to the capital city of Lagos. Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft developed problems in its engine, and crashed into a densely populated residential area near Gwammaja district, not far from Kano’s airport. At least 73 people on the ground were killed, and 75 of the 79 people onboard were killed.


Lagos, Nigeria

3rd June, 2012

Worst plane crashes in Nigeria (2000-2020)

A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 passenger plane, 5N-RAM, operated by Dana Air was destroyed when it crashed into a residential area of Lagos, Nigeria. All 146 passengers and seven crew members were killed. At least, six victims have been found inside the buildings that were hit by the plane.

It is currently the third worst aircraft accident involving a MD-80.

Hydro Air Cargo Boeing 747-258C plane crash

Lagos, Nigeria.

22nd November,2003

Worst plane crashes in Nigeria (2000-2020)

The aircraft, on a cargo flight to Lagos’ Murtala Mohammed Airport collided with construction equipment after being cleared to land on a closed runway. A NOTAM was to inform about the runway unavailability.As the aircraft was rolling out, the main landing gear impacted several construction vehicles parked on the runway and one wing was torn off. The 3 flight crewmembers escaped with minor injuries.

Bellview airline Boeing 737 plane crash

Lagos, Nigeria

22nd October, 2005

Worst plane crashes in Nigeria (2000-2020)

117 people died after a Boeing 737 operated by Bellview Airline crashed near Lagos. The Bellview flight 210 took off from Lagos at 20:35 for a domestic flight to Abuja. Tower lost radio contact with the flight about three minutes after takeoff. The next morning, the wreckage was found about 30 kms north of Lagos. Bad weather was blamed for it’s crash.

Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 plane crash

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

10th December, 2005

108 people, mostly students of Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, were killed after a McDonnell-Douglas operated by Sossoliso Airlines crashed while landing at the Port Harcourt airport. Two occupants were rescued alive.

The primary cause of the accident was blamed on the weather but the immediate cause was “the crew’s decision to continue the approach beyond the Decision Altitude without having the runway and/or airport in sight.”, aninvestigative report said. Contributory causes were dysfunctional runway lighting and poor airport design.

It is the current fourth worst accident involving a DC-9-30.

While there have been a high number of aircraft crashes, this is a list of the worst crashes to have happened within the last 20 years. We hope the appropriate bodies have put appropriate directives in place to help prevent future mishaps of this magnitude in the country, and pray for the dead to find oeac

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