Most protected people in the world

From kidnappings, to attempted assassinations, personal protective officers, better known as body guards are seen as the preserve shield of royalty, celebrities and political figures. Below is a list of people who have created the most human shield or bodyguards around them:

1 Vladimir Putin

Most protected people in the world

He is protected by the Federal protective service, however putins people seem to be an entirely different bundle all together.

Populist view of Vladimir Putin is extremely polarized due to the political and financial Corruption of his cabinet, which has resulted in countless protests, threats and assassinations attempts that’s made it necessary for Putin to ramp up security in his own unique way.

2. Queen Elizabeth II

Most protected people in the world

Every appropriate movement of the queen and her family are monitored by an estimated 185 SAS Trained officers at an annual cost of £27 million

3. Donald Trump

Most protected people in the world

Donald j. Trump is an American real estate heir Business man and the current president of the United States with an estimated net worth of 3.1 Billion Dollars.

4. President Kim Jong – un

Most protected people in the world

Kim Jong – un has both the personal service protecting him from the close range and also he owns 100,000 man army with a command structure that reports directly to him.

This unit is known as the Supreme Guard Command, you would hardly be able to tell his details is surrounding him at all times as they virtually disappear into the backgrounds and spectacles.

5. Pope Francis

Most protected people in the world

Pope Francis is being protected by one of the Oldest military units in the world, the deadly and dangerous Swiss Guard keep watch over the pope and guard the Vatican with an impressive Arsenal of weaponry.

6. Bill Gates

Most protected people in the world

Gates reassessed his personal safety after he was hit in the face with a pie in 1999 and his protection has dramatically increased ever since.

7. Floyd Mayweather

Most protected people in the world

He is an American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer. He made a one comeback fight in 2017.He travels with four person team everywhere he goes. That’s 1470 total pounds of protective body Coverage known as “The great wall”.

That’s a list of people who are the most protected in the world. One thing is common among them, and that’s the influence they exert with their presence worldwide.

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