Nigerian soldier killed by Junior over pass issuance

Nigerian soldier killed by Junior over pass issuance

Lt. Babakaka Ngorgi, an adjutant in the Nigerian Army has been killed by a junior officer serving with the 202 Battalion of the 21 Special Armoured Brigade, Bama, Borno State, over not issuing a travel pass in order to let the junior officer resolve his inability to access his salary account which had been frozen for about eight months.

The private fired some rounds at the officer who was making a phone call in front of the unit headquarters on Wednesday. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody, while the remains of the late Lieutenant were evacuated to the 7 Division Medical Services and Hospital.

Military sources said the suspected soldier’s bank account was frozen by the authorities because he went AWOL (away without official leave) for six months.

It was said that when he eventually resurfaced, he began pressuring Ngorgi for a pass to sort out his frozen salary account, which Ngorgi declined.

He was said to have gone to the officer’s office and gunned him down.

Ngorgi, according to reports, got married last December.

Military sources said: “The tragic incident occurred at the 202 Battalion, Bama, when a soldier shot his adjutant. They had a disagreement over an undisclosed issue.

“In addition to that, the adjutant refused to give the soldier a pass to go and solve his problem after eight months without salary and allowances. The soldier had gone AWOL for six months and his account was frozen.

“So, on Wednesday morning, he emptied his magazine of 30 rounds on the officer. The soldier was arrested and handcuffed immediately.”

He said, “A trooper of the Nigerian Army serving in the 202 Battalion of the 21 Special Armoured Brigade, Bama, Borno State, went berserk around 10.30am on July 29, 2020, and fired at an officer (a Subaltern), which led to his death.

“The incident happened when the soldier approached the officer, who was standing in front of the unit’s headquarters and making a phone call. The soldier has been arrested and is undergoing investigation. The general situation in the unit is calm.”

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