Countries with strongest military in the world

While there are countries in their region and subregion with vast military strength between their neighbors, there are also countries with extreme military strength, who posseses forces strong enough to begin a third world war if they choose to.

Below is a list of the most powerful militaries in the world, taking into account several factors like the man power, technology, fighting armour and several other factors;


Countries with strongest military in the world

In absolute terms, the Japanese military is actually very small with just 250k Frontline personnel and 57,900 active reserve personnel but despite all this,the country is well equipped.

It has 1,595 aircrafts making it the 5th largest airforce. Included is type-3 chu S.A.M surface to air missile with range of 50km to engage with targets flying at an altitude of over 10km

It also has the 4th largest submarine in the world and in January 2016 it launched its first military satellite in space.

6.The United Kingdom

Countries with strongest military in the world

Although the U.K government is planning to reduce its military personnel,they have the best training such as SAS lead by former united states captain David Patreus. It is considered to be the best special unit in the world.

In terms of cyber warfare, it has the GJCQ an intelligence organization famous for its role in breaking the German enigma codes during WW2. In the sea, the royal navy is planning to put HMS into 7 by the end of 2020 which can carry 40 F-358 joint strikers across the globe.


Countries with strongest military in the world

It has a low number of military personnel just like the United Kingdom.The difference between the two is that France has 1282 aircrafts and fleet strength including 140 multi tole fighters.

It has CHARLES DE GAULLE the only nuclear carrier outside of USA. It has also deployed its soldiers to fight the Islamic states and is looking forward to expand its cyber warfare capabilities. In 2017 they hosted over 2,600 digital soldiers and 600 cyber experts.


Countries with strongest military in the world

According to research, it’s stated that India could become a global military power by 2045. Being the 3rd largest spender in defense ministry, it spent over 654 billion dollars in 2016 and is currently the largest importer of military goods.

It has missiles capable of hitting Pakistan and some parts of China with around 90 to 110 nuclear heads. It also has 2 aircrafts carrier while Russia and China has only 1. In 2016, it commissioned its first nuclear ballistic submarine which has 15,12-K missiles with 750k range.


Countries with strongest military in the world

With a population of 1.3 plus billion people, it has 2.3 million active personnel, and 1.1 million reserves and police. Even though they have the largest man power, they don’t have good conduction and management of their military systems.


Countries with strongest military in the world

Has the words largest fleets with staggering 15,400 tanks and is the largest in airfleet having 3547 aircrafts.

They have USSR su-27 which can carry upto 8 air missiles. 

It only lags behind the United States in terms of technology.

1.Unites states of America

Countries with strongest military in the world

They have the largest military in the world having over 662 bases on 38 foreign countries. 1.4 million active personnel and 1.1 reserve personnel.They’re the world leaders in manufacturing aircrafts with total of 19 aircraft carries which is more than any other of the countries we’ve listen combined

Holding 80 fighter jets, the United States spends 600 billion dollars annually to fund its security systems and forces. They also have NRW gun which can fire a projectile Mach 6 and can hit a target 6km away.

Several factors are observed before coming up with the list like the man power, fighting armour, technology, and other factors, and hopefully, we hope African countries will begin to take

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