Dubai government attacks Nigerians with new laws

Dubai government attacks Nigerians with new laws

Ever since the arrest of controversial internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, there has been quite an uneasy and unsettled kind of relationship between United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Nigeria. This is probably the reason for the new rules the Dubai Government has given for all Nigerians, which are provided below:

First is that, Visa renewal for Nigerians in United Arab Emirates has been stopped.

Secondly, the Dubai Government noted that, Permanent residents returning approvals for Nigerians stopped.

Thirdly, Tourists visas for Nigerians on hold.

The fourth rule is that, all previously issued Visas are invalid.

Lastly on the rules released by the Dubai government is that, All visas for those presently in Dubai expires next week.

This is a clear indication that the UAE do not want Nigerians coming into their country to cause ruckus anymore. We’re being told to develop our own country and stay at home. What do you think of these new laws? Do you think the UAE is right to pass these new laws? Drop your comments below, and let’s know what you feel about this latest development.

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