Little Success from viral video says promises were fake!

Little Success from viral video says promises were fake!

Another video has surfaced on the internet about the little girl who was spotted with an unidentified lady who asked why

In this new video, she was asked if Nigerians made true of their promises to change the lives of her family members after her story went viral in the online community.

However, smart Success was quick to note that most people who promised heaven and earth to her family never fulfilled their promises to them. She tagged them as ‘promise and fail’ as claimed that everyone who visited their house at the time did not give them what was promised.

The young girl said the same individuals posted these promises on social media and gave the impression that her family had now become rich from everything that was given to them.

Speaking on the promise of a better job for her father, Success claimed that her dad still works as an okada rider and was never given any job.

She added that her mother who was given a job does not get paid on a regular basis.

Little Success also disclosed that the scholarship that was given to her only covers Basic 4 through to Basic 6, contrary to what people were made to believe.

This is a sad news, as a whole lot of people, including celebrities promised heaven and heart to this little girl and her family, only to end up not fulfilling them, as this young lady disclosed. We hope these people are able to redeem their promises to allow bright, young Success to attain good education in order to be useful to the nation in return.

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