Longest Nigerian tribal war in modern history

Longest Nigerian tribal war in modern history

The Yoruba people of Western Nigeria fought the longest tribal war in modern history from 1877 to 1893.

The Kiriji or Ekiti-parapo War was a 16-year conflict that broke out mainly between Ibadan and forces of Ekiti and Ijesha. It was a war that ended all wars in Yoruba land.

”Kiriji” was an onomatopoeic name given to the war from the thunderous sound of the cannons of the Ekitis and Ijeshas, under the command of Ogedengbe, purchased in abundance which gave them an advantage over the Ibadan forces. However, it ended in a stalemate.

Thus, the Kiriji War remains the world’s longest Civil War by any ethnic group.

In fact, the Yoruba are the only race in modern history who engaged one another in civil wars for 73 years (1820-1893) and still remain together as one tribe, even to this day.

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