Plane crashes in India, kills Pilot

Plane crashes in India, kills Pilot

The Air India Dubai-Calicut Express flight broke into two pieces after going off the runway during landing at Kozhikode airport in India due to reported heavy rains.

After landing, it continued down the runway and fell down in the valley and broke into two, killing a Pilot onboard.

No fire was reported at the time of landing. There were 174 passengers, 10 Infants , 2 Pilots and 5 cabin Crew on board the aircraft totaling 191 onboard.

The Indian Chief Of Ministers was quoted saying, “We have instructed Police and Fire Force to take urgent action in the wake of the plane crash at the Kozhikode International airport (CCJ) in Karipur. We have also directed the officials to make necessary arrangements for rescue and medical support”

There have been flooding and landslides, as India’s monsoon season reaches its peak.

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