Man vows to destroy Africa after being duped

Man vows to destroy Africa after being duped

Simon Frost, a 75-year-old British man has vowed to destroy Africa after sending over £20,000 to a lady who claimed to be a nurse in Ghana to later realize it was all a scam.

Simon who hails from Soham, Cambs in Britain met one Eva on a dating website called Real Sex Contacts after they were matched.

The supposed Eva used photos of an American porn star, Briana Lee  in her profile which Simon Frost did not notice.

Simon Frost is said to have sent a total of £20,600 to Eva for the processing of court documents to have access to a gold inheritance.

Simon sent £6,000 from his savings, £3,000 on his credit cards, and £10,000 he acquired from a loan.

He also paid a total of £1,600 for Eva’s flight to meet up with him in Britain in August 2019 which never happened because Eva absconded.

Speaking about his predicament, Simon said, “I genuinely believed the relationship was real. I don’t understand why anyone would treat me like that. I had good intentions and was looking for a genuine relationship. It has put me off trying anything like this ever again. I would rather be lonely than go through all of this trauma”.

We hope this bad trends begin to subside, in order to allow the reputation of the country, and those doing good not go unnoticed.

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