Lyta “steals” GOT7’s Just Right video concept

Lyta "steals" GOT7's Just Right video concept

Lyta has been accused of stealing GOT7’s “Just Right” music video, with social media users dragging him for doing so. He released his track, HOLD ME and so far it has generated a lot of reactions on social media.

Lyta "steals" GOT7's Just Right video concept

Comparing both videos, there are so many similarities, that many Twitter users are insinuating that it’s a publicity stunt by Naira Marley to earn Lyta a foreign fan base.

His boss, Naira Marley has also reacted to the video in the best possible way he can.

If this is a publicity stunt, we hope Lyta’s profile soars positively with his talent, and he earns himself a seat the the top of the food chain.

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