ASUU update on on-going strike

ASUU update on on-going strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU, through its leader Prof. Ogunyemi has guaranteed of its status to resume lectures when the conditions for resuming are met.

“We are prepared to continue when the conditions for resuming schools are met. We have likewise exhorted the administration to utilize the chance of the lockdown to address the difficulties in the instruction segment.”

Prof Ogunyemi recorded the issues brought up in the MoA which incorporates ASUU Lists Conditions For 2020 School Resumption;

– Release of N1.3trillion for renewal of Universities.

– Payment of all Earned Academic recompenses.

– Commencement of appearance to every single government University.

– Provision of archived rules on systems and jobs of gatherings during the time spent renogotiating FGN/ASUU understanding of 2009.

As indicated by the Union President, progressive governments were setting up colleges without informing them, including that a portion of the foundations set up were unnecessary.

“State governments have turned the foundation of Universities to body electorate extends; each lead representative needs to have a college in his voting public.

This is extremely pitiful and in the event that we are not cautious, college instruction will crumble like the open elementary schools in the nation.

This is extremely dismal and in the event that we are not cautious, college instruction will crumple like the open grade schools in the nation.

Along these lines, what ASUU is truly battling for is to stop the complete breakdown. Our requests are not egotistically spurred,” he included.

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