[Episode 5] Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey

[Episode 5] Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey

The Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey Episode 5 written by Fleau. 18+ only (Contains graphic language and content)

“Anything you want Temi you know I would do anything for you!” He said sounding so eager to please me like a step child seeking for a stepmother’s attention

“Can you kill someone for me?” I asked

He went quiet

“I would have loved to kill her myself but I really can’t think of a painless way to kill her myself so I thought I take you up on the offer” I continued

“What offer?” He asked

“You know you said if you need anything just ask me?” I reminded him

“Well, I know I said that but I didn’t mean this kind of request. Are you serious about this?” He asked

“Kinda” I replied

“Who are we killing?” He asked sounding a bit uncomfortable

“Well, Just Bola for now” I replied

He was in total shock “Kill Bola, for what?,why?” He asked loudly like I was not in the same room with him

I laughed before saying “you know I am joking right, although it won’t be a bad idea considering the offence”

He breathed out loudly before saying “You shouldn’t joke like that”

“Well it seemed funny when I thought about your expression if I asked for a favour like this” I replied

We both laughed before he said “I don’t know what happened tonight back at your house but I am hoping you would talk to me about it”

The room was poorly lighted; the only lighting in the room was the side lamp which was on his side of the bed. I could only see a part of his face, and once again he looked familiar.

“You know since the first day we met I have always had the feeling that I somewhat know you from somewhere” I said

“Really” he replied

“Yes, I just can’t shake off that feeling, but I know I haven’t seen you before. Least I forget thanks for tonight” I said

“Anything for you Temi, do you want to talk about what happened” he asked

He sounded a bit better than Bola in the way he had asked what was wrong. I could tell he was asking out of concern and not amebo like Bola. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bother him with all this girl talk

I told him what really happened. He wasn’t shocked at all at the act as a matter of fact his reaction seemed like it was something he expected to happen. He simply asked me not to worry my pretty head over such an irrelevant matter. For the first time since Seyi told me what Bola did I started to cry. I wasn’t even sure of why I was crying. I wasn’t sure if it was the betrayal or anger towards them or pity for myself. For a moment I forgot Andrew was seated beside me. He just sat there and did nothing unlike the first time at the concert where he consoled me.

Finally he stood up and left the room. I thought to myself what did he do that for? Or was I now a crying machine to him which irritated him hence the reason for leaving the room. He however returned a few minutes later with a glass of water. He walked towards me and said “Move over”

I shifted a bit to the middle. Then I heard him say ‘take” I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up. He was handing me the glass of water. What on earth was he giving me water for? Was he asking me to refill myself so I can cry more? I drank a bit from the water and handed him the glass. He placed the glass on the side stool beside him. Then pulled me closer to himself. His body felt so warm. For a second I felt like nothing else existed except the both of us.

Temi bad things happen to good people for great reasons which you would find out later, don’t dwell on this one thing, it’s their mistake your gain

I really didn’t understand what he said but I loved the way his chest vibrated as he spoke. Finally the whole room went silence all I could hear was the sound of our breathing. Then I remembered I had to be at work tomorrow and had left the house angrily without any clothing.

“I hope you have a shirt and a pant that can fit me perfectly” I asked

“Why?” He replied

“Lets just say in my moment of anger I forgot to pick up some clothes for tomorrow” I replied

He laughed and said “well I think we can work something out amongst my clothes with the help of some needle and threads too”

We both laughed

“We would work something out tomorrow morning just get some sleep” He said as he stood up from the bed.

“Who leaves their room for a guest?” I asked sarcastically

He laughed and said “just have a night rest”

“Can I ask for one more favour? I said

“What” he said

“I would love for you to sleep here” I said

“Are you sure about that? he asked

“My friend all I asked is for you to sleep on the same bed with me and not sleep with me” I said sarcastically

“Oh no vex o” he said as he walked to the bed

He got into bed and laid face up on his side of his bed. I moved over to him and laid my head on his chest with my hand around his waist.

He simply laid there and did nothing.

“You know normal men I know by now would have put their hands around me following my gesture

He laughed and said “God! you are too much work”

Finally he held me tight and said “ Temi Good night

It was already past 7am when I woke up, for sure I was going to be late today. Andrew was already out of bed and dressed up. I picked up my phone and sent a message to HR saying “ woke up sick ma, might come in a bit late”

“Please tell me you are a size 8” Andrew asked standing beside the bed

I looked confused. He pointed to a gown on the chair in his room”

“Oh , Yes I am” I replied

“I guess that solves your clothing for today. He pointed to a bag on the table. That should help with your dressing I would be at the sitting room if you need anything”

I opened the bag. The man had new lingerie in it, a tooth brush, hair brush, roll on and perfume. Where and how on earth did this man get all these items on a short notice. I hope these items didn’t belong to an ex before one babe would now attack me in public. I laughed at the thought of some lady attacking me in public over wearing her items. They all had tags on them atleast for one they were all new items and not second hand items already worn by his ex.

He was watching the news when I got to the sitting room. I signaled for him to let him know I was ready to leave. He looked at me and smiled and said “ I guess my assumptions on your size were right”

A good assumption, have you considered a job as a fashion consultant and personal shopper” we both laughed before he said

“I would have loved to do all the breakfast in bed this morning but the truth is I can’t even fry eggs successfully let alone make dinner. Rather than kill you I thought we go out and eat at a safer place. We both laughed again as we stepped out of the house. I wanted to ask him where he got all the clothing item from, but I didn’t want to sound like a suspecting woman and felt all I needed to do was enjoy the moment and attention I was getting.

Breakfast was nice, we spoke less. He drove me to work after breakfast  and as I got out of the car I turned and said “ Andrew thanks a lot, you have been nothing but a pillar for me since we met, I wish I could pay you back”

He smiled and said “Temi anything for you” a statement I had heard one too many times.

I thanked him and asked if he could pick me up after work to drop me at home seeing that I didn’t bring my car to work. He didn’t have a problem with that.

I had spent barely 2 mins in my office when Seyi walked in. One would have thought she had a tracker on me.

She sat across my table and said nothing she just stared at me as tried to turn on my office PC seeing that I didn’t have a laptop to use today. I acted like no one was seated in front of me

“Babe, you dey vex for me” she asked

“I wasn’t sure if that was a question or an attempt to annoy me this morning. So I ignored her

“Babe , na me Seyi o”

“And so” I replied

“Temi its me o” she said again

“Look just leave me alone”

“Fine, but babe I am sorry I had to tell you like that”

“Why did you hide such a thing from me?”

“I thought she told you, she promised to tell you after I caught them together.”

“Where you been catch them?” I asked to clear my curiosity on all I have been thinking about all night

“At you and Bola’s apartment. I walked in on both of them. I can tell you for one that it wasn’t their first time

I sat there speechless.

When I asked why. She said she didn’t mean to that she was only trying to console him and one thing led to another.

“You should have still told me

“Babe she promised to tell you, was I meant to come and ask if she told you?

I looked at the babe I wasn’t even sure of what to do to her.  Its not like she was the offender. I spoke to her about dating Bola’s boyfriend and the whole girl code thing

After which she said “ what girl’s code, who wrote that rule” when Love is involved all codes become irrelevant, please leave that side I am not letting him go this time around. She should be lucky I haven’t even told him she cheated on him

For the first time since last night I was really glad Bola slapped her. I was hoping that slap would have reset her sense but I guess it did nothing rather it made it worse.

“How do both of you sleep at night knowing that you both know his girlfriend” I asked

“We sleep like young people in love”

I knew this was not my war, I had my own unfinished battles and didn’t need to be in the middle of someone’s battle. Andrew picked me after work just like we agreed. We had dinner at a restaurant beside my office before heading for my place. I thanked him and walked into my flat. Bola wasn’t home. I felt glad about that. Seyi was in the room packing up all her stuffs as she was due to move the next day.

As I walked in she said hi to me after which she continued with her packing. I went into the bathroom to take a quick bath and change into my pajamas. I jumped into the bed and picked up the remote to see what was going on today on the tv. Then I heard Seyi speak “Babe’s I am really sorry about what happened it really was not my intention to, I should have told you regardless of if Bola confessed or not.”

I smiled and said “look its nothing I understand why you didn’t, besides I am not angry at any of you. You both just saved me from what would have been either the worst break-up or the most horrible marriage, so thank you”

She stood there confused and then said you can bet the next time something like this happen I won’t waste time in telling you”

Which next time and Something like what, this girl you well so?” we both laughed at this

Bola walked into the room. She went on her knees at the door and started to cry. She pleaded and begged me. I felt a bit embarrassed by the act. I got out of bed and walked towards her. I gave her a hug and said “I should be thanking you, if not for you Nduh would have come back to apologise and I would have ended up in the worst marriage, but your betrayal saved me from it”

She seemed shocked at my act. I guess Andrew was right there was no point disturbing my pretty self over irrelevant matters. Seyi and Bola acted like they both didn’t see each other as none of them greeted one another. Bola released herself from my embrace and was about to leave when I said

So wetin we go do about you and this Seyi matter now”

None of them answered me. Seyi wasn’t ready to give in neither was Bola going to let this one go easily.

“look this boy is probably at his place now straffing another random babe una dey here they fight over a man that doesn’t deserve any one of you”  I said in an irritated matter

Bola walked out, then Seyi hissed Loudly. I finally figured this was my cue to seriously mind my own business. I picked up the remote and continued searching for an interesting station to watch

My phone vibrated and there was a text from Andrew “Hey you how is the mood let’s do dinner tomorrow night

I had barely dropped the phone when I saw another text from Isaac “  I am in Nigeria , I am looking forward to making this work”

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