Top 10 poorest countries in Africa

Top 10 poorest countries in Africa

Africa is the second most populous continent, and one plagued by a high poverty rate. Below are the top 10 poorest countries in Africa basing on International Monetary Fund(IMF) Gross Domestic Product per Capita which is a measure of a country’s purchasing power in international markets.

Top 10 poorest countries in Africa

Over half of the nations in Africa are considered to be the poorest in the world. The continent as a whole has lower levels of success economically than the other six continents around the world.

Top 10 poorest countries in Africa

The causes of poverty in these African countries are;

# Poor leadership

# Massive embezzlement

# Diversion of public funds

# Civil wars

# International interference

# Years of unrest and

# Poor economic and development policies

Top 10 poorest countries in Africa

The following is the list of the countries;

1. South Sudan: GDP per Capita- $237.44

2. Burundi: GDP per Capita- $292.01

3. Malawi: GDP per Capita- $338.48

4. Niger: GDP per Capita- $378.06

5. The Central African Republic: GDP per Capita- $418.41

6. Madagascar: GDP per Capita- $449.7

7. The Democratic Republic of Congo: GDP per Capita- $462.78

8. Somalia: GDP per Capita- $478.34

9. Liberia: GDP per Capita- $694.32

10. Gambia: GDP per Capita- $709.01

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