Most dangerous prison in the world

There are prisons that are found in third world countries with low living standards, and less money to spend on facilities. They are termed as the most dangerous because they are not safe for humans. These places are comprised mainly of overcrowded, badly understaffed, dilapidated buildings and lack of minimal nutritional needs in daily food issues.

While they are built to house 1000 inmates, a typical third world prison houses 8000 or so inmates. No sleeping bunks to sleep in, and you may or may not get a slot on the concrete floor. Below are two of the most dangerous prisons in the world;

Columbia Prison

Most dangerous prison in the world

Built for 1,670 in mates but it houses over 4,000 inmates. There is potential here for all kinds of violence based on accidentally stepping on the wrong spot, or somebody. Badly understaffed, this also goes hand in hand with overpopulation. Staff is kept at the capacity as inmates are staffed like woods inside the place.

San Pedro Prison La Paz, Bolivia

Most dangerous prison in the world

In this prison families live here, If a child molester is sentenced here, it is like a private hell to be in. If you want a place to sleep you need to purchase it, and it isn’t that cheap. Small bribes lets you enter the prison and walk around. Cocaine is also sold here to tourist.

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