[Episode 9] The Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey

[Episode 9] The Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey

The Diary of a Lagos Virgin; The Journey Episode 9 written by Fleau. 18+ only (Contains graphic language and content)

Bola was trying to clean-up our sitting room, when I walked in. I walked pass her and headed straight for my room, which looked a bit disorganized with all the gifts. I was about to clear it all when Seyi walked into the room. She walked up to me and said

“I am so sorry, it was all my fault”

 “What do you mean it is your fault?

“You won’t have met him if I didn’t introduce you to him, I am so sorry Temi, I used my own yeye waka to make you a victim” She said

“You had nothing to do with it, it wasn’t you who hit me or almost killed me that night, I mean you didn’t force me to date him, as a matter of fact you didn’t even know I dated him, so my dear it had nothing to do with you, it was all him”

She had on a weak smile on that made her look like she felt guilty for what he did to me

“Why didn’t you tell me? she asked

“There was no need for that, I made the decision to be with him hence it was my own burden to carry. Besides, all this happened years ago, I have forgiven him and since moved on. I can’t believe he actually told you what he did

“Well, he didn’t give me details he simply just said he made a huge mistake by hitting you once, he claimed he was under the influence and asked that I beg you to take him back, you should have seen the slap I gave him, I have told him to find his own way home”  She said

She asked what happened and how it happened. Reluctantly I narrated what happened. I saw tears roll down her cheeks as I spoke. I didn’t know what to say as she started to blame herself for almost getting me killed.

I moved closer to her and gave her a hug

She pulled away from my embrace before saying “I would make life hell for him at the office, you can bet on that”

“There is no need for that, just ignore him just like I have been doing”

She looked at me a bit shocked with what I just said

“By the way I haven’t thanked you for this party. I really appreciate it”

“It’s nothing” she said as she tried to clean off the tears from her face

“So how did you get Bola to co-operate with you on this?

“I sent her a text about it, and I also told her it was about you and not us”

And just as I started to speak to her about the fight between her and Bola she stood up and said

Babes I need to leave now , it’s getting late , see you tomorrow”

The next day at work was a bit normal, it felt like Isaac was avoiding me, I had a feeling this had something to do with Seyi. I couldn’t imagine what she could have said to him to get him to back off, something I had been trying to do for months.

Andrew didn’t call or text me that day, I thought it weird. The day after he didn’t call or text either and so I sent him a text that read;

“Was I such a terrible kisser that you have decided to avoid me forever?”

I didn’t get any reply from him and so I tried calling him but couldn’t reach him I started to panic and regret my actions from my birthday night. I wanted to ask his cousin about him but I knew he wouldn’t like that and so I decided to visit his home that night. He couldn’t avoid me forever.

I saw his car parked outside as I drove into his premise. I knocked on the door and was answered by a young man who introduced himself as the chef. “since when did this man get a chef” I thought to myself.

I told the chef who I was, and just right after I said my name I saw his smile change to a frown before he said ‘Oga is a bit busy, would you wait for him”

I guess I had no choice than to wait, I didn’t drive all the way here to get discouraged by a chef’s frown I thought to myself. The chef although was nice enough to offer me a drink which I rejected. Andrew came down a few minutes later.

He looked pale. I jumped up from my seat and walked over to a staggering Andrew

“What happened to you?”

Nothing serious he said with a weak smile

“You look pale”

It is nothing to worry about dear”

I was worried, I was afraid for him. But he seemed like he had it under control. The whole calmness he exhibited was beyond me. I wanted to feel his temperature, I wanted to ask him to lie down so I could take care of him just like he had taken care of me in my darkest hour. I also wanted to ask him why he hadn’t called me, but I knew asking him would be a selfish act. But I really wanted to know why he hadn’t called me in the last 2 days.  I would have thought he could read my mind when he said

I am sorry I haven’t called you in the last 2 days, my phone got broken all thanks to my ex who slammed it on the floor” He said as he walked over to the dining table to get the broken phone which he showed to me as proof that he wasn’t lying, I believed him anyway he didn’t have to show me the phone

“What?  Why did she do this?” I said as I collected the phone from his hand

“It’s a long story I can’t start explaining now”

I was curious about what might have happened between them.

“You know I am always open to listening to you, I mean you have been there for me and the least I can do is reciprocate the kindness”

He looked at me and smiled before saying  “it is really nothing to bother about”

”Where is she?  I asked

“At a hotel”

 “So, she can stay in a hotel afterwards” I thought to myself

“Whatever happens I hope the two of you would resolve your issues eventually”

“I don’t think so, she is leaving this week”

“What! She is just going to give up like that because of a small fight“

Apparently the only reason she had even thought of getting back with me is because she was conveniently going to be in Nigeria and had figured she could kill two birds with one stone

“What a jerk and opportunist” I thought to myself. I was quiet for a while, I thought to myself maybe she had fought him over attending my party or something like that. Whatever the case was, her fight was taking a toll on him, I despised her for that. I moved closer to him and tried to console him, I noticed he moved back a bit like he was avoiding my touch.

Temi, I don’t know what this is but we can’t do this anymore”

I wasn’t sure of what he meant by “we can’t do this anymore” and so I asked him what he meant by that. He just turned to me and said

“I can’t do this”  pointing to me and then himself

“I am not sure of what I want now, I am not sure of what I want to do, I need to clear my head. I am sorry if I led you on”

“I am sorry I kissed you, I thought I apologized for that”  I said with a breaking voice

It’s not about that it’s about a whole lot of things. I need to face reality and do what is right but with you around it is a bit hard for me to make a decision”

I felt tears swelling up in my eyes. I felt hurt about what he was saying. I felt belittled. He noticed it and said

I am sorry if I am hurting you, but you know I would never do a thing like that, I want you to have the best and that’s all you deserve my dear”

I stood up to leave, I felt him hold my hand, I pulled away my hand. He stood up to pull me back to console me and apologise, but I shoved him aside before saying

I don’t know what happened between you and your girlfriend or ex or whatever you call her, but I am sorry if it had anything to do with me ,I am sorry if I made things a bit difficult for you, I would stay away from you”

I walked into my car and started to cry. I wasn’t even sure of why I was crying but I felt lost and kept crying.

The next day he called me but I ignored it, he sent me a couple of text messages which I also ignored. When I drove into my compound that evening I saw him seated in his car. He jumped out and ran after me as I headed for the door. He tried to explain himself but I only turned and said

“Look,  I have left you alone so you can make your decisions without distractions from me, please leave me alone so I can make mine”

I entered the apartment and shut the door immediately. I was angry about the way he told me I was a burden to him, I was angry he took out the anger of his ex on me, I was angry he disposed me like I was nothing to him. I was angry for so many reasons, but then I knew all this anger was born out of my selfishness in wanting to keep him to myself.

The next day I told Seyi what happened after which she said “leave the man alone and stop confusing him, let him work on his relationship”

I was shocked that this was coming from a lady who had taken another woman’s man. Like she knew what I was thinking when she said “I know you must be thinking see who is talking, my case was different, he was mine before Bola and when I met him, they were already done as far as I am concerned”

I shook my head before saying “It is only God that would forgive you”

Weeks past and everyday I got one message or mail or phone call from Andrew. I knew I was wrong for being angry. As a true friend it was my job to be there for him at a time like this when his first love had decided to desert him for only God knows what. But I was too selfish to bother.

I was still mad at him until I got a message from Lanre’s sister one night saying “We are having a one year memorial service for Lanre on Saturday you should come around

I couldn’t believe it. A year already since I lost my darling Lanre. It made me cry, it made me think about him again and then it made me think about Andrew, how he had tried to help me through the mourning period. I felt guilty for the first time for being angry with him and so I sent Andrew a message that read

“Its Lanre’s memorial this week, I would need you beside me there”

I received a response almost a second after, I would have thought that he knew I was going to send the message hence his rapt response. “anything for you”

Andrew picked Bola and I at the house to take us to Lanre’s memorial. We met Seyi and her now boyfriend at the house. Bola ignored them and I was glad she did as I couldn’t imagine a scene being created here

Lanre’s house was packed full. I could see his brother and sister at the corner. I went over to greet them, I shook hands with his brother who was standing and gave his sister a hug before walking over to where his mum was seated. I knelt down to greet her, she was crying, I started to cry. We hugged each other, she asked me to stand up and sit beside her. I saw Andrew speaking to Lanre’s sister after which he hugged her.

On our way home I asked if he knew her, he simply said she was an aquintance from way back. I found it weird that he knew her. Then I asked if he knew Lanre. He said he didn’t know him. As we got home, I walked straight to my room and went to bed. I wept deeply.

It was later in the evening Andrew came in with a tray that had food on it “You have to eat something, Temi” He said as he put on the lights in the room before walking over to my bed with a plate that had on it a small portion of jollof rice, with plantain and fish

did you cook this?”

“How now, you want me to kill you” he said while laughing out really loud

He placed the food in front of me as I tried to sit up. I looked at him as he tried to place the tray properly on my bed, he seem calm and not in hurry to serve me, it was like he had all the time in the world just for me. As he poured water into my glass I said

I am sorry at the way I reacted the other night, I shouldn’t have done that to you”

“You had every right to be mad at me dear I am sorry I even made you cry for a second, But I promise to be the best for you , I was just in my darkest hour then, I promise to be better, I am sorry you had to see that side of me”

I smiled and said nothing as I ate. He sat there and watched me eat and when I told him I was done he looked at the plate and said “you didn’t eat anything, eat more or do you want me to feed you”

I laughed and told him I was really fine. He asked if I was sure and when I said yes he went on to eat the food himself. We spoke as he ate. He told me he was done with her finally. I wanted to ask what their fight was about, but I knew that wasn’t called for. I was just glad to have him back, to have whatever it was we had back

As he left that evening , he hugged me way tighter than he had ever hugged me and then he kissed me on my forehead before saying “Temi I do love you and I am sure you know that, I would be the best for you I promise”

I felt lighter. I felt happier than I had been in weeks since I stopped talking to him

A month passed and our friendship continued to blossom until one afternoon when I went to my favourite restaurant to have lunch with Seyi.

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