These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!

Cyber-crime is one of the most disturbing menaces in the world. This is because there is really no way to avoid them. You never see them coming and the only way not to get anyone, especially the rich one, is to pray they don’t find you.These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!Well, the 5 most notorious hackers in the world history have been listed and if you are really interested in knowing them and how they operate, keep scrolling.

First is Kevin Mitnick who started off as a teen and was first charged with stealing computer manuals from Pacific Bell. He also hacked the North American Defense Command (NORAD), which was considered so much of an achievement that it inspired the 1983 film War Games. He went ahead to hack Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) network and then made copies of their software. At the time, DEC was a leading computer manufacturer and the ability of Mitnick to be able to hack them, put it on the map. He was eventually arrested, convicted and sent to prison. These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!You would think he would stop, but when he had his conditional release, he hacked Pacific Bell’s voicemail systems. Interestingly, Mitnick never exploited the access and data he obtained. The belief is that the reason he obtained full control of Pacific Bell’s network was just to prove it could be done. A warrant was issued for his arrest for the Pacific Bell incident, but he fled and lived in hiding for more than two years, but again, he was caught and went to prison. This time, for multiple counts of wire fraud and computer fraud.

Second is Anonymous who is said to have started in 2003 on 4chan message boards in what is considered an unnamed forum. For anonymous, they are believed to be is loosely focused on the concept of social justice. For instance, the group took issue with the Church of Scientology and began to disable their websites.

By doing this, they negatively impact their search rankings in Google. They didn’t stop at that, they went ahead to crush its fax machines with all-black images Although the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have tracked down some of the group’s more prolific members, it is almost impossible to identify or eliminate Anonymous as a whole, because of the lack of any real hierarchy in the group.

The third is 20-year-old Adrian Lamo. This man used an unprotected content management tool at Yahoo to modify a Reuters article. He also added a fake quote attributed to former Attorney General John Ashcroft. The interesting part of Lamo is that he would hack systems and then go ahead to notify both the press and his victims.

He took things too far when he hacked The New York Times’ intranet. He didn’t only do that, he added himself to the list of expert sources and began conducting research on high-profile public figures. Despite his expertise, Lamo didn’t have a home, but preferred to wander the street and so, he was referred to as the “The Homeless Hacker”

These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!
The fourth is Albert Gonzalez who became active on criminal commerce site Actually, Gonzalez was arrested in New York for debit card fraud related to stealing data from millions of card accounts. In a bid to avoid being sentenced to jail, he became an informant for the Secret Service, ultimately helping indict dozens of Shadowcrew members. He was considered to be one of its best hackers and moderators.

However, while he was working with them, Gonzalez continued his in criminal activities. He stole more than 180 million payment card accounts from companies including OfficeMax, Dave and Buster’s and Boston Market alongside a group of accomplices. The federal prosecutor during his sentence had to mention that Gonzalez’s human victimization was “unparalleled.”

The fifth is Astra whose complete identity has never been revealed. The word ASTRA is a Sanskrit word for a weapon. He was said to have been hacking into the Dassault Group, for almost half a decade. While he was at it, he stole cutting edge weapons technology software and data which he sold to 250 individuals around the world.

These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!
This action of his cost the Dassault Group $360 million in damages. Some time ago, it was said that a 58-year-old Greek mathematician who was believed to be Astra was arrested. However, his real name never came out.

All of these people have a history of hacking the most secure websites in the world and one that is still active in the business is Anonymous which even in the current Nigerian #EndSars Protest had been hacking major countries in the country. These 5 Hackers are the most feared in the world. Number 3 is Unbelievable!Somehow, it feels like they can never really be eradicated